This is who I am and what I find interesting. I'm an English major living in KCMO. I'm a gamer, knitter, writer, singer and strong supporter of the LGBT community. I love making new friends and helping others. I'd like to learn how to surf and how to use the penny, long, free, and skate boards. For those of you who use it and want to add me, my snapchat is argielinn.
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‘I Don’t Know What I Did But It Worked’ — A thrilling story about my academic life

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Mars. In true colour.

Just so you know, a lot of images of Mars which you’ll see have been manipulated. A lot of them have boosted contrast and saturation. So if you’ve ever wondered – images like this one are what Mars actually looks like.

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1. Get the ball
2. Pass it to someone who actually knows how to play
3. Run.

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Femme Nation: A photo series by 16 year old Hailey Corrall to provoke a message about misogyny in our youth.

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honestly i hate when people try to sugar coat shit like if you don’t like me or don’t wanna hang or don’t wanna talk to me just fucking tell me don’t keep ignoring me and expect me to figure out the hint like that’s such a bitch ass move i’d rather hear it from you than be ignored 99% of the fucking time.

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In case you’re having a bad day…here are some puppies sleeping with stuffed animals.

(Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. A note on the first puppy: At 5-1/2 weeks old, Daisy was mauled by a larger dog. As a result of that attack, she lost an eye, hence the stitches. Daisy is now 6 months old and doing well!)

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If I ever get pregnant I think this is how I will break the news

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